African Foundation for Research, Innovation and Quality

MISSION: making tools available for African companies to improve on research, innovation and quality as to compete in global markets.

MOTIVATION: information and communication technology sistematically places African companies in disadvantage.
                     We want to turn that around enabling these companies to take advantage of the best technology available.

TARGET: big and small companies that can not afford to pay for tools that they can not afford to miss!!!

SECTORS: all sectors can use innovation and quality to improve their products, services and margins. We are already involved
                 in supplying an Hospital Information System that was developed from scratch to suit the African reality.

PROJECTS: we are open to all sort of projects which will be supported considering available resources. Already in the health sector,
                   we will enter next the agricultural field namely in what seed selection and distribution is concerned. Education and training
                   are also a main concern for us and some developments are already under way for enabling mobile learning.

INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH CONFERENCE 16 - 18 AUGUST 2014 - why and how you can participate